About Valdivia

Since 1965, the Office of National Planning in Chile had established regions based on the development poles. Apart from regions, Chile is also divided into provinces and communes , where Valdivia is one of the provinces with eight communes. It is about 48.567,5 square kilometers located in the south of Chile. The city was founded by Pedro de Valdivia on February 9, 1552 and was named as Santa María la Blanca de Valdivia and currently known simply as Valdivia.  It is one of the oldest cities in Chile and it is the capital city and commune of the Los Ríos Region. In 2007, Los Ríos Region was officially recognized . According to the 2002 Census, almost 91% of the inhabitants live in the city.

Travelling to Valdivia

There are are two main mode of transportation to arrive in Valdivia from Santiago (SCL) airport:

1. By plane (approx 1:45 hrs duration).

The price begins from CLP 31.000 and up. Using Plane, three airlines are operating with trips to Valdivia (ZAL), they are:

   a. LATAM Airlines:

   b. Skyairlines:

   c. Jetsmart:

2. By bus (approx 12 hours). 

The bus leaves from the Bus terminal not from the Airport. So if you arrive to the Airport, you have to take the taxi or the airport transportations to the bus terminal called Terminal Terrapuerto Los Héroes: Terrapuerto Los Héroes, Tucapel Jiménez 21 where you can take the bus. Bus companies that arrives to Valdivia are many travelling both in the day time and in the night time. It takes between 10-12 hrs of travel, thus, we recommend you to take the night bus. Price range for  deluxe or “cama” type seat from approx CLP 20.000 and up. The following bus company travel to Valdivia;

Turbus/ Turbus:(CLP 1.900 one way; CLP3.400 round trip, buy in person): Centropuerto (CLP 1.900 one way; CLP3.400 round trip): Transvip: (costs varies based on the type of transportation and distance): Cruz del Sur. 

Visit the webpage Recorrido for various options. The name of Bus Terminal is Alameda Santiago: Av Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 3750, Santiago, Estación Central, Región Metropolitana

Arriving in Valdivia

If you are arriving by plane to Valdivia, then you will arrive at the airport called Pichoy (ZAL). Several Transportation can be used from the Airport to the city of Valdivia as explained below:

Airport transfers: There are at least two companies that you can choose from inside the airport that are  shared van transfer which collect many people from the airport to different parts of Valdivia. This can send you directly to your hotel. The price is CLP 4.000 one way.

Taxis are also available outside the main airport and intercity buses passes by at the main airport entrance by the highway.

If you are arriving by bus to Valdivia, then you will arrive at the bus terminal. Several Transportation can be used from the bus terminal in Valdivia as explained below:

public buses “micros” (CLP 500).

a 4-seater shared taxi “colectivo” (CLP 600 – 700)

– metered taxis or “radio taxis” (Prices vary by meter, approx CLP 1.000 – 2.500) To assure a ride, it is easier to call their hotline. Some hotlines but not limited to are:  +56 63 2 213111 ; +56 63 2 214000 ; +56 63 2 210210